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   Our farmstead evokes the spirit of the old days while simultaneously offering all the provided comforts of modernity. A stay at our farmstead guarantees relaxation away from the stress of today’s modern living. We provide fantastic grounds for organizing parties, children’s birthdays, coming-of-age celebrations, weddings, christenings, various educational workshops, camping, literary and art clubs, as well as an opportunity to taste and sample various local products.

   For our guests with specific requests and wishes, we can offer live brass band music, coach rides from the farm to Golubinac, walks around the surrounding farmlands, pond fishing, as well as team building activities. We are happy to offer our guests an opportunity to participate in daily activities on the farm (such as maintaining the flower garden, picking cherries, apricots, grapes, and apples, as well as making brandy).

   Moreover, we can provide you with an opportunity to work in the fields and feed poultry. For those interested, we can also organize excursions to various destinations, including local cultural and historical monuments (such as the Golubinci European Heritage ethno-eco village, the Pećinci Museum of Bread, a visit to Stari Slankamen village (by boat), visits to the local monasteries and churches, as well as the lakes of Fruška Gora, etc.), as well as an opportunity to attend handicraft presentations from local housewife artisans.

   For fans of local cuisine and good beverages we offer specialties from the grill and spit, meals cooked by open fire and cauldron, hors d’oeuvres from Srem, homemade wine, brandy, and catering on request.

   The farmstead is a private establishment and reservations are required in advance. It is available for rental between the months of April and October.